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Hungary tourist places
[quote:1b37df4946="simonheng82"]I am currently researching about Hungary and planning to have a 3 weeks trip in 2013 with my wife and 1 year old daughter. Which place would you suggest for sightseeing, i would prefer leisure but not adventurous type of tour. Thanks for the information. Simon[/quote:1b37df4946] here is the Top 5 Famous Tourist Places in Hungary, you can visit here with your family. 1. Buda Castle and Matthias Church, Budapest 2. Lake Balaton 3. Hungary Parliament Building 4. Andrassy Avenue 5. Caves of the Aggtelek and Slovak Karst :).

Famous Romanian Castle
List of castles in Romania [b:67b406addb] Bonida Bnffy Castle Bran Castle Fgra Castle Hunyad Castle Lzr Castle Mik Castle Pele Castle Pelior Castle Svrin Castle Sighioara Citadel[/b:67b406addb] [list:67b406addb][/list:u:67b406addb].

Which city is best eastern european city?
I think "Prague" is best city in all eastern European country..

winter holidays
If you really want to enjoy your trip of winter, you must check visit to Myanmar. I visited Myanmar only once but could not forget it. I am really wishing to visit it again especially in winter. I know you live in Europe but may be you can[.

Europe Travel
Hello i'd better choose Rome for your destination, you can go with your family in vatican, to see sistine chapel, to roman forum and the colosseum in there. I could also help you finding a great resting apartments located Not until there's a question about finding accommodation in Rome! URL removed by moderator. Please read the rules on advertising - you will be banned if you don't keep to them..

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Budapest?
By what i have read, hertz is a reputed car rental and it's age limit is 25 years. Not sure about the legal age limit for driving..

Where in eastern europe?
Zre, Croatia if you want good party.

Lads Holiday In Eastern Europe
Croatia is the best, especially Zre :).

Driving or not through Eastern Europe
The roads are OK or great in most countries here, so driving IS an option. I don't know about most train prices, but a car should get you exactly where you want and the gas, while not too cheap, would be less expensive than to pay for each leg of the journey. We're always driving when in Europe..

Slovenia in June
[quote]Slovenia is awesome. I can highly recommend chilling out in Ljubljana for a day or two. It's like Amsterdam but without the 1000's of tourists. We also had fun at lake Bled (you will be able to swim in the Lake in June). Enjoy![/quote] Lake Bled was a must see for me as it is for most tourists in Slovenia. At certain places you can see both the church and castle and there are rowing boats which take you to the island. There are a few high rise buildings nearby though and I think it will be quite busy in Summer..

Travelling to Berlin - any advice where is a good area to st
I would advise going on a website like residentadvisor for club listing in Berlin, you can check then when your going and what is on during that time. Myself I went to see ewan pearson there over a weekend and stayed near the Panorama Bar club which was excellent. Booked my apartment on [url][/url] which was a good experience also. I have a direct contact with the landlord whose apartment I rented now so will return to him next time. Good luck and have fun!!.

How do I Avoid Usual Tourism Attractions in Your Country?
Well, I can tell you a little bit about Germany. Most beautiful places are only waiting for tourists, so its difficult to get something of the track, especially in the summer months. But I would advice you to go into the suburbs of town or to get completely out of the towns and just enjoy the countryside, thats great too. And trust me, even in Berlin or Paris you will find galleries and the like which are not crowded by tourists, just go off the beaten track, into the parts of the towns, which are not mentioned in every guide book and you will find something.

Five Top European Cities - Can't be Missed!
The topic is getting a bit old, but here is my top 5 in random order. Rome, This is the most historical city in Europe Paris, beautiful city with too many things to see. Vienna, Beautiful city Budapest, diverse and interesting city Barcelona, very sunny city and relaxed atmosphere.

Which is the best beach in Europe?
I think Portugal have the best beaches in Europe. Specially in Peniche!.

doesnt exist, only Africa or Asia.

Best places to party in East/west Europe during October
for cheap beer prices then that has to be Benidorm but for a weekend holiday with a difference then Sweden would be a good choice. Someone said to me about Turkey but to be honest when i have been to Turkey i have never really seen it as a place to party but maybe it is just the places i have visited..

Should The UK Government Split Up Travel Agents
Hi, when Thomas and First Choice got together I knew straight away that holiday prices would go through the roof, with their only now being two main travel agents on the high street there is not much choice left for the holiday maker. It stands to reason that the UK government should not have let travel agents join together. What i would like to know is, what do you think about travel agents joining forces, would you like to see the government split them up so they could compete again and for holiday makers to get a better deal instead of being forced to pay over the odds for holidays in Europe..

first choice have got an amazing deal on
Hi everyone. First Choice have got an amazing deal on if anyone is looking for a last minute break. They have one week at the costa del sol holiday village for three adults and one young child for 950 all inclusive. This holiday is over easter. We came across this as we are running a feature comparing thomas cook holiday prices to first choice and seeing who comes out on top and at the moment thomas cook are. For example, during augsut there are lots of holidays which first choice are wanting 4000 for and that is for three adults while thomas cook are wanting 2,500, although it is not the same hotel, it is the same star rating and all inclusive..

Romantic Hotel Restaurants in Ankara?
I suggest you to check Trilye Restaurant. It is nice among Ankara..

Poland Guide - Poland is a beautiful country
Poland is a great country to visit via train. Cracow and Warsaw contrast nicely with one another. However, my personal favourite is the town of Malbork, which gives an excellent insight into Medieval European history (this is where the Teutonic Knights orignate from). The castle there is fantastic and well worth going to see..

UK and Ireland Forums on

I am shocked You can have a good holiday in Great Yarmouth
Well, I think if you have a low budget then you will never go to UK because you can't afford their prices which is pretty high as compare with other countries especially Asian. If I have a choice then I will prefer Asian or Middle East countries for holiday vacations..

Is It Really cheaper to stay in the UK I do not think so
Of course UK is more expensive than Spain but think about things that you can do for an affordable price, and you can of course just visiting the city and enjoy people... I think that for example the most expensive things in London are the public transport and hotels but you can easily use the couchsurfing because english are really friendly and openminded :-) And I am mot an English.

Walking around London -- Surprise locations
Others have already said but the south bank area is great. Get off at Black Friars and cross the bridge and walk along there. I used to do that on a Sunday, lovely atmosphere and you see the Globe theatre, the clink and there are some nice pubs along there. It's also nice walking through the City on a sunday, so quiet and a great mixture of big, modern buildings and little alleyways and is so peaceful. I used to like cycling through London on a sunday, and walking around the parks and markets..

Need help planning trip from York to Wales
Bit late to this. You can get a train direct from York to Cardiff central that will take about 4 hours, then you can get a rover ticket and travel around Wales..

Hey you are just like me I am also afraid of flying.So, i always look for effective train solutions instead of flying. Recently i was surfing around to book tickets for my next journey and i found a very good website which has got a lot of discounted offers and packages that i felt were really great. Like i love to travel through virgin trains so i found my trip related [url=]virgin train discount coupons[/url] on the website maned Best Travel Coupons and mark my words it was the greatest deal i could have got. So i would definitely advice you to register with them once and they will always keep you updated about all the latest offers out with them..

The world's oldest public toilet (it's in London!)
can anyone tell me that how many years old that toilet?.

Olympics in London this summer
[quote]because of travelling during the Olympics is pretty much a nightmare![/quote] Now that the Oympics are long gone, I think I can say it: I lived in Stratford and had to use Stratford Station every day to get to work. It was a nightmare! But I could at least see and hear the fireworks from my window, which was pretty awesome..

Luton airport?
I had to travel in and out of London quite a lot, and I think I've been to all airports once. If my memory doesn't deceive me, It's been easiest with Heathrow (I lived in Stratford, it was just 6.00 GBP), but all the others were pretty much alike. The coaches are always cheaper than the trains. With some research you'll surely find the best deal =).

3-4 Days in the Scotish Highlands
Thanks Claire, Points well taken ;o).

Isle of Wight
Don't know any personally, but if I was looking I'd be trying Hoseasons as they seem pretty reliable when it comes to that kindof holiday especially compared to one or two of the other operators out there. Been on quite a few of their sites over the years. There's [url= and ACCTYP=Caravan and DSORT=0 and bid=97 and aid=CD760 and TID=searchresults]6 Hoseasons sites on IOW[/url] which are listed under "family fun" and caravan accommodation and they seem to be scattered across the island. There's [url= and ACCTYP=Caravan and DSORT=0 and bid=97 and aid=CD760 and TID=searchresults]2 "relax and explore" sites[/url] which I think means they probably don't have quite the same facilities and are a little further away from the main towns. But the IOW isn't exactly big if you have a car.

London Hotels to recommend
[quote:c1d94833cf="gatwick travel magazine"]What I would do is, try hotel comparison sites and see what prices they come up with and then phone the hotel direct and see what price they come up with, if they say a higher price than the comparison site then tell them you can get it cheaper on that site but if they give you a discount then you will book with them. Another thing i do, i normally book a hotel around six months in advance to get a good deal, i know not everyone can do this but if you know you are needing a hotel at this time scale then you could get a good deal. One thing i use to see all the time, but not sure if it still does happen. If you know a hotel has rooms available and go to the hotel direct when you arrive in London, they often give you a good price as they do not want to be left with the room.

Coolest hotel in Dublin?
What about Azalea Lodge? This lodge is rated 5 star by many hotel booking sites. Simon.

an UK cruise ship incident - CMV ms Marco Polo runs aground
last night the Cruise and Maritime Marco Polo cruise ships had an incident in Norway - she ran aground in a remote fjord north of Arctic Circle and suffered (obviously minor) hull damage. this link also shows the Marco Polo cruise itineraries and sailing schedule for the rest of its 2013 and 2014 cruises..

Best coastal walks in England
Hi not England but I think a good one to do now is the Welsh costal path as they recently completed it so its now all joined together. Dont know how easy it is but in theory you can now follow the entire coastline of Wales on this path. Has to be pretty stunning I think..

Best day trip from London?
I went there once... must be about 20 years ago now. Not a soul in sight, surprisingly... very peaceful..

Need info on UK touring
PPS - Here's a few pictures from a short walk I did in the Lake District just the other day, to give you a feel for what the scenery is like here:

In some of the countrysides there are some shows on Irish dance are held. Don't miss it. In my opinion this is one of the most synchronized melodious dance shows ever could be enjoyed it the world. I enjoyed it in London but it gonna catch different flavor in Ireland..

Any good restaurants in the UK?
Here are some of the suggestion for you, Hawksmoor Seven Dials Hix Hix Hawksmoor Seven Dials.

Flooding in the UK
Well, my family members live in UK and I got update from them. The condition is bad but not worst. Local Administration heading to set it up within minimum time..

networking in London UK
Here's the link to WTM: I just entered 'World Travel Market' into Google and it came up first... you should try it some time. ;).

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Gratis parking in Heidelberg
who knows where is chance for gratis parking so max 2-3 km from the city centre in Heidelberg? i count in the centre is no chance at all thanks karel.

best place to party in europe in october?
Best place to party during autumn and winter in Europe must be at the sunny side of Europe, the Costa del Sol 8) Take a look here: [url][/url].

Benidorm is offering great prices for March
Whenever the topic of package-holidays in Spain is mentioned, the resort that would readily spring to mind would be Benidorm. :) Check during your first visit to Benidorm some of the local apartment lenders and Benidorm real estate agents. They might offer you interesting specials, particularly during off season. Many holiday apartments can be found [url=]here[/url]. Try and airbnb also..

I want to visit Europe for the first time but...
If its your first time in Europe, you really should choose just one location or two that are near to each other. It'll be your first time in a fascinating place and to really immerse yourself, you should give yourself and your friends plenty of time to enjoy and explore. Cramming sights one right after another doesnt give you the chance to go after that interesting alley you just passed or really get lost among the Greek or Roman ruins. I really hope that a longer stay is possible for you! Let us know how it goes :).

Where should I go on holiday this July?
would you be willing to try Malta? its a small island, but like most places on europe theres going to be tons of history and such - and better, great beaches without excessive crowds. Travelling to eastern Europe shouldnt be too scary as two women, though maybe sticking closer to more touristy areas can make your travels a bit smoother..

Bordeaux as a city trip
I know many of you are familiar with Bordeaux, the wine region. But have you ever considered visiting Bordeaux, the city, as well? It was such a discovery for me to find out that, though small, Bordeaux has so much to offer to travellers! I found there to be so many nice hotels, in every price category, and a list of restaurants too long to name here. Also, the city is remarkably well adjusted to bikers, which is always a plus in my book. Of course you'd still like to combine a visit to the city with some visits to wineries, but here's the thing: before you do, go to the Bordeaux Wine School in the city and take one of their two-hour summer workshops. They give them every day until the end of September, and they are designed as the perfect introduction to the Bordeaux wine region, its wide variety of grapes and different wine making techniques, and so on.

Pilgrimage walk in Spain
Aah....The Pilgrimage....planning to do it for almost 3 years....but always end up going someplace else....its definitely going to be but tiring... :) :) :).

Who am I renting the car from?
Hi In August, my planing to go Bergamo, Italy. I want to spent my holidays with my family in Bergamo. I want to hire a car during my holidays. So Please suggest me the best airport car rental in Bergamo. Regards Peter Anderson.

Where to go on Cyprus?
I know Cyprus quite well. Other comments are all helpful, but it also depends on budget of course. You could go North West and head for Akamas National Park and Latchi (Latsi). This is less commercial and lots of walking, or edge outside Paphos into the likes of Mandria (quiet, farmland, empty beaches, or if the budget stretches head for Aphrodite Hills as you may not want to leave. Limassol, Paphos are busy and commercial centres and see good "nightlife". All require a car really. Hope this helps!.

All your Greece-related questions are welcome
I have lived and worked in Greece for many years... so here's my thoughts: Lazy - No - they often work incredibly hard and really long hours. However, they have a different relationship with time and rules than those of us from Western Europe (which may account for their longevity as much as their diet!). For the Greeks, time and rules sometimes seem to be an approximation rather than a black and white issue... Disorganised - Sometimes yes, sometimes no... (see time and rules above) Deceitful - No - in fact it is one of the few countries in Europe where you can leave your car unlocked or let your mobile phone out of your sight and they will still be there when you return... However, I would say that Greek politicians are probably quite deceitful, but then again they seem to be in most countries! I think part of the problem is the Greeks unerring loyalty to each other meaning that they will often turn a blind eye to corruption instead of whistle-blowing.

floods in Germany and the Czech Republic
Hey guys, I think by now you have all heard about the terrible floods in East/South Germany and the Czech Republic. Whole villages and towns were not accessible for days, they didnt have power or drinking water and a many people lost their lifelyhoods. And all this after the damage the "flood of a century" had caused 10 years ago. The houses had been repaired, the dams made stronger and now that! I would like to know whether this tragedy will influence your travel plans, will you choose a different destination if you had planned to visit the area or are you going to go through with your plans and spend your time there?.

The Netherlands: where do you go?
I've been to the Netherlands a couple of times - I went to Amsterdam for a weekend about nine years ago, with the university photographic society, and again for a couple of nights two years ago, before going to Texel for another two nights and then on to Delft for a friend's wedding. I spent the whole week wishing I had longer in each place. I think I'd have enjoyed Amsterdam more if I'd had time to relax, seeing more of Texel would have great and Delft is beautiful and relaxing..

Best countries in Europe in winter
If you wanted to have snow every single day during your three months, I would have adviced you to go to Germany, I cant remember a winter with more snow and icier nights. Hope, this years winter will not be as bad as the last, I wouldnt be able to stand another 4 months of relentless winter. And this flood at the moment, it couldnt be worse in my view. Well, really depends on what you are looking for..

Verona or Venice
This is a tough one... Venice is a 'must see' kind of place... But, as the others say the sheer amount of tourism can spoil it. On the other hand Verona is very beautiful and feels much more authentic. I think if I had to choose I'd go for Verona - but if I hadn't visited them both already I'd probably want to see Venice just to know what all the fuss i about!!.

Your favorite Spanish city or town
I am going to go with Pedregalejo and El Palo. I found them to be very nice, not so touristy and quite interesting in regards to marine culture. Also, since they're both pretty much suburbs to Mlaga, everything else is in arms reach - and the bus ticket is reeeaaaly cheap!!!.

Malta, Italy, Sicily, France, Spain
I really love Minorca. Have you ever been in Formentera? ______________________________ Gerard [url][/url].

Oslo - 4 days
I've booked a ticket for a very long weekend in Oslo in October. Haven't booked lodging yet, but am planning on somewhere near the city center. I arrive mid-day on Friday and leave late Wednesday morning. What do people recommend? What are your choices for museums, retaurants, sites and the like?.

South of France for December into mid January
... and the Tramontaine / Mistral can be very cold in winter on the Med coast !.

Most picturesque places in Oporto
I can't name any specific places, but I found the Porto to be really charming. Many of the buildings have really interesting architectural details. There are many nice spots such as near the river front or the view from the bridge. Just walk around and you'll come across many picturesque places..

Booking/com is sure?
[quote]I reason in another way: if it's wrong is wrong, if it is right is right ...[/quote] Well... if you must know, the way you did it is wrong. You claim that the quote marks "explain which one was mine and which one of Travolution text" (your words). They don't - the quote marks show speech. There is text that is from the Travolution article and not in quote marks. Similarly there is text that precedes your words "Credit: Travolution" that has not come from Travolution. You might feel this is a petty point, but if you are passing off opinion as Travolution's, a fairly widely respected publication, when it is in fact your own, then that is very misleading. As for the rest, suffice to say you sure have a funny way of conducting yourself on forums. First you attempt to spam the board, secondly you have a moan about a company that many users here happen to happily use regularly, and thirdly you resort to petty name-calling when I pull you up on something that's not right.

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